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International Prophetic Heritage Conference (SWAN)


Based on history, the coming of the Prophet Muhammad has successfully transformed the faith and trust of Arab society and raise the dignity of the nation and inspire their excellence not only in the hereafter but also excellence in the world. The success achieved by the Muslims, especially in the 4-8 century emigration in various fields of knowledge are a testament to this fact.

Islam as a religion that brought by Prophet Muhammad deliver the message of peace and tolerance across race and religious life. It corresponds to the word Islam, which means prosperity, religion proves that the full basic teachings and principles of respect among religions, tolerance, high character and reject any kind of violence and abuse. Hence, this conference seeks to bring together studies and researches related to the topic as a guide to increase awareness of Muslims in particular and humanity in general.

The conference aims to bring together scholars to discuss issues related to the Sunnah and its function as the basis of tolerance for the welfare of all people. It also seeks to clarify the views of the outsider of the action that Islam is giving an incentive towards  terrorism. These conference is also expected to take place a brilliant ideas and inventions that might be useful in order to realize the greatness of the Sunnah as the basis of tolerance and prosperity.


i. To uphold the Sunnah as the basis of peace and tolerance towards Muslim society.
ii. To highlight the concept of peace and tolerance that brought Sunnah in the multiracial society and religion.
iii. To present the latest research findings related Sunnah and welfare.
iv. To enhance understanding towards Sunnah.